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One Perfect Day Exploring Anguilla's Beaches

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Sandy beach and turquoise colored water of beach in Anguilla
White powder sand and brilliant turquoise waters in Anguilla


As part of our trip to the Caribbean island of Saint Martin/Sint Maarten, we spent a wonderful day visiting the island of Anguilla. With a number of surrounding islands that could be visited as day trip from Saint Martin/Sint Maarten, it is hard to pick one. We ended up choosing to visit the British island of Anguilla. Anguilla is a long skinny island - 16 miles long by 3 miles wide and is an absolute beauty to visit! Anguilla is ruled as a British Oversea Territory and while Anguilla is run as a largely self governing nation, it does still fall under the power and protection of Britain.

Arriving to Anguilla and entering the passport control area.
Arriving to the British island of Anguilla

With just a 25 minute ferry ride from Saint Martin to Blowing Point in Anguilla - it is super easy to get to Anguilla - just make sure to bring you passport as it is required! The cost of a ticket is $20 roundtrip, and no reservations are needed. Upon arriving in Anguilla there are two main ways to get around the island - by taxi (at about $20 per hour) or rent a car for the day. We chose to rent a car for about $60 for the day and included a temporary Anguilla driving license. Conveniently located is Andy's Car Rental that is located right at the Ferry Terminal in Anguilla and reservations can be made on ahead of time online. Just one HUGE thing to know though about renting a car - Anguilla is British - so you will be driving on the opposite side of the road! Adventure here we come!



 Lounge chairs and umbrellas line the beach at Shoal Bay in Anguilla
Arriving Shoal Bay

Catching the 8:15am ferry to Anguilla, we had a full day ahead of us to explore this tiny Caribbean island. But within this small island, there are actually 33 beaches to choose from! We narrowed it down to three top beaches that we wanted to see during our day on Anguilla: Shoal Bay, Meads Bay & Rendezvous Bay. So off we set in our rental car channeling our inner British selves - driving down the left side of the road. Our first stop of the morning was Shoal Bay. Unfortunately, we did not get the best weather when visiting Anguilla as it was super cloudy with a threat of rain all day - but the rain did hold off luckily! Shoal Bay is absolute paradise and it consistently ranked as one of the top beaches in not only the Caribbean, but in the entire world! Powdery sand and brilliant colored waters (even on a cloudy day) make this beach heavenly!

Man and baby swimming in bright turquoise colored water at Shoal Bay in Anguilla
Absolute paradise! Our little Caribbean Explorer!
Woman and baby standing on white sand beach with turquoise waters of Shoal Bay in Anguilla
Beautiful Shoal Bay!
Turquoise waters with beach of Shoal Bay in Anguilla
The turquoise waters here were amazing!


After spending most of the morning at Shoal Bay, we decided to venture onto our next beach of the day - Meads Bay. As we arrived to Meads Bay, we came across Blanchard's Beach Shack where we stopped for lunch. Serving up typical beach fare from hamburgers & hotdogs to more local specialties like jerk chicken sandwiches & Caribbean cornbread, this was a wonderful lunch while enjoying our time on Anguilla! Don't forget to grab a rum punch or mango colada as well!

Man & baby with smiling staff from Blanchard's Beach Shack
The Blanchard's Beach Shack staff were great with our son!
Palm trees and picnic tables at Blanchard's Beach Shack at Meads Bay in Anguilla
Enjoying the beautiful views while having lunch at Blanchard's Beach Shack

After enjoying our lunch under the palm trees and spending some time with the staff at Blanchard's (they loved playing with our 8 month old son) it was time to head to the beach! Swimming at Meads Bay was paradise! Another picture perfect, white sand, turquoise water beach. After just a few hours on Anguilla, it is easy to see why people fall in love with this island!

Looking down the long sandy beach with blue and turquoise waters at Meads Bay in Anguilla
Beach #2 for the Day - Meads Bay


 Little palm tree and sail boat at Rendezvous Bay in Anguilla
Beach #3 - Rendezvous Bay

Continuing on with our exploration of Anguilla, we headed to the third and last beach for the day - Rendezvous Bay. Visiting three beaches in one day, makes for a very busy day but is doable! Rendezvous Bay is another top beach with beautiful views towards St. Martin and is almost always calm making for a great family beach! This palm tree lined, two mile long beach is the stuff of daydreams! We loved the soft powder sands and super calm waves here.

Palm trees lining the white powder beach of Rendezvous Bay in Anguilla
Tropical Paradise!
Tropical waters and white sand powder beach with palm trees at Rendezvous Bay in Anguilla
Anguilla was an amazing day trip! Such a wonderful island!

Someday, we would like to go back and experience this wonderful island on a sunny day to enjoy the tropical blues & turquoises of the water in all it's brilliance! Even on a cloudy darker day though, the colors of this island are stunning. Catching the last ferry of the day back to St. Martin/Sint Maarten at 6:15pm, we had a wonderful long day on Anguilla! Tropical paradise in every way, this island is a true gem!


Interested in planning your own trip to Anguilla? Below is our summarized itinerary for you to follow or adjust to your own preferences. ENJOY!

Day 1: Day trip via ferry to Anguilla (Leave Marigot at 8:15 am, Leave Anguilla by 6:15pm) - Shoal Bay, Meads Bay, eat lunch at Blanchards Beach Shack, Rendezvous Bay. Catch the 6:15 ferry back to St. Martin/Sint Maarten. Looking for ideas of what to see and do on St.Martin/Sint Maarten? Click Here to read more.

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